Advanced innovation

Advance Innovation. In pursue of excellence and dare to innovate.
Our promise is to deliver high quality products with great design at
affordable price for motorcyclist.

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Who are we?

Staring from a humble family lineage motorcycle repair shop, motorcycle insurance, and then finally moving into motorcycle helmet industry. Hong Lun business is always closely related to the motorcycling industry

In 2012 Hong Lun venture into motorcycle helmet safety design and produce their very first helmet: The MHR OF571, with than the latest technologies taking into consideration consumer feedback, modern testing practices and advanced materials. To produce OF571

To increase awareness, MHR became a sponsor for Cup Prix team, providing helmet to riders while maintaining the company goal of providing an affordable high quality designed helmet for the public.

In most recent years, Hong Lun created a new brand: HEVO to cater and focus on local market as well as international market