How to Choose Motorcycle Helmet Visors

When it comes to motorcycle safety and style, your helmet visor is a critical component. At MHR Helmet, we understand the importance of selecting the right visor for your riding needs. In this guide, we’ll provide valuable tips to help you make an informed decision before exploring our range of visors, including Clear, Light Black, and Rainbow options.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Helmet Visor:

1. Consider Your Riding EnvironmentEvaluate Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Features

Before diving into visor options, assess the typical conditions of your rides. If you frequently encounter varying light levels, a clear visor might be the most versatile choice. For sunny climates, consider a Light Black visor to balance sun protection with visibility.

2. Check Local Regulations

Local regulations regarding helmet visor tint levels vary. Ensure you comply with these regulations to avoid any legal complications. Knowing the rules helps you choose a visor that meets both safety and legal standards.

3. Evaluate Anti-Scrath and Anti-Fog Features

Visibility is paramount. Look for visors with anti-scratch and anti-fog features to maintain a clear line of sight in diverse weather conditions. These features ensure your visor remains in top condition for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

4. Personal Style Matters

Your helmet is a reflection of your personality. While safety is paramount, choose a visor that aligns with your style. MHR Helmet offers visors in various tints, including the stylish Rainbow option, allowing you to express your individuality on the road.

Explore MHR Helmet's Visor Collection

Now that you’re armed with essential tips, explore MHR Helmet’s extensive visor collection designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prioritize clarity, sun protection, or a touch of style, our visors are crafted to meet the highest safety standards.



The crystal clear visor is the standard choice when acquiring a new helmet. Providing impeccable visibility in low light and wet conditions, it’s a fundamental companion for your rides. While MHR Helmets prioritizes clarity, our focus is on advanced features that enhance your riding experience. Explore our innovative visor options designed for varying conditions, ensuring optimal visibility without compromising safety.

V622 – VISOR (OF622 OPEN FACE HELMET) /LB (Light Black)


Embrace subtle elegance with our light black visors, available in a diverse array of colors. Functioning as the sunglasses for your helmet, they are the ideal choice for daytime rides, capturing the magic of sunset and sunrise. Compared to clear visors, light black visors offer enhanced vision and reduced glare. Opt for a light black option for misty or foggy rides, adding both style and functionality to your riding experience. MHR Helmets takes pride in offering visors that not only elevate your look but also prioritize safety and visibility on the road.



Rainbow visors, admired by MotoGP enthusiasts, introduce vibrant hues and are renowned for providing high-level UV and sun glare protection. Beyond functionality, they add a unique aesthetic charm to your helmet. Keep in mind that the mirrored finish requires a bit of extra care. If you’re into personalizing your helmet, matching the visor color can elevate your overall riding style. Experience the perfect blend of flair and functionality with our Rainbow visors.

Why Choose MHR Helmet

At MHR Helmet, we are committed to rider safety and satisfaction. Our visors are not just accessories; they are meticulously crafted to elevate your riding experience. Browse our collection, find the perfect visor for your needs, and ride with confidence knowing you’ve made a well-informed choice.


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