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Modular Helmet

A modular helmet can be a good compromise between the protection of a full face and the breathability of an open face helmet which the chin can be removed to use as an open face helmet. Many riders love the ability to pop open the front of the helmet to grab some air, particularly if they ride in a hot climate.

Modular Helmet



Full Face helmet main for Racing and long distance use, with full shell protection to prevent air flow too fast to prevent blur view to protect you. A sturdy protection for your head, covers the entire head and chin area to provide full protection, and the only moving part of the helmet is the visor.

Full Face Helmet


FLIP UP Helmet

Full Shell protection with Flip Up function of chin at the middle for easy remove when take a rest. Sits perfectly in the middle of Open Face and Full FaceHelmet. A well preferred helmet by the commuters who also love occasional long weekend trips.

Flip Up Helmet


Open FACE Helmet

Extra angle view with opened Full Visor for daily use in all riding situation. Provides motorcyclists an enhanced airflow, a decent protection, comfort and a longer visor which adds weather protection when you need it.

Open Face Helmet


MHR Accessories

Upgrade your helmet with our high-quality visors, and enjoy a safer and more comfortable experience on the road or track. Explore our selection today and find the perfect visor to complement your helmet and meet your specific needs.

MHR Accessories

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